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The Journal of Research in Business Education - Volume 58, Number 1, 2017
The Journal of Research in Business Education:

- Editorial Board
- Benefits of Participating in Service-Learning, Business-Related Classes: Assessing the Impact on the Community Partners Nancy Vizenor, Tasha J. Souza, Joshua Jordan Ertmer
- Drilling Down: A Process to Enhance Faculty Engagement in Effective Assessment Eileen A. Hogan, Therese A. Maskulka, Kathleen A. Kaminski, Shawn M. Riley
- Using ePortfolios to Encourage Reflection and Competency Development Gernot Dreisiebner, Elisabeth Riebenbauer, Michaela Stock
- Global Virtual Teams for Accounting Millennials Heidi Hylton Meier, Deborah Drummond Smith, Tracy Hopkins Porter
- Pedagogy and Technology Infusion Wei-Chieh Wayne Yu, Mabel CPO Okojie
- Publication Guidelines
- Executive Board
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