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The Journal of Research in Business Education - Volume 59, Number 1, 2018
The Journal of Research in Business Education:

- Editorial Board 
- Exploring the Critical-Thinking Skills Gap in College and Career Readiness through Standards in the Business Education Curriculum Karla J. Saeger 
- Business Teacher Immediacy and Students’ Affective Learning: The Mediating Role of Perceived Immediacy Stephanie Kelly, Sherrie Drye, Christina Williamson 
- The Effect of Elementary School Keyboarding Instruction on Students’ Writing Assessment Scores Carol Parker 
- Factors Contributing to Stress of Business/Marketing Educators Bonita M. Johnson, Leane B. Skinner, Elisha C. Wohleb, S. Elizabeth Diamond 
- An Analysis of Three Instruction Delivery Models in Business Education Mark C. Zorn, J. Christian Ola 
- Publication Guidelines 
- Executive Board
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