The Journal of Research in Business Education - Volume 63, Number 1, 2023
The Journal of Research in Business Education:

- Guidelines
- Council for Business Teaching and Research
- Employer’s Perception of New Hires: What Determines Their Overall Satisfaction with Recent Graduates? Thomas Hickman, Ph.D., Michael Stoica, Pd.D.
- How Do Business Graduates Perceive Their Education? A Survey of Skills Assessment Carol Wright, Ph.D.
- Assessing Career Development Curriculum Within a Business Capstone Molly Wickam, Ph.D.
- Describing the Professional Development Needs of Preservice Business Education Teachers Jeremy Jeffery, Ph.D., Christina Force, Ed.D., John G. Cannon, Ph.D.
- Financial Literacy: How Prepared are College Students for their Financial Futures? En Mao, Ph.D., Dan Yang, Ph.D., Shari Lawrence, Ph.D., Danielle Duplay
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