Developing Your Resilience
Stress and burnout are two of the less publicized side effects of COVID-19. Eighteen months of uncertainty and heavy workloads have been bad enough, but the recent spikes are coming just when most of us were looking forward to a respite. But most industries, including education, can’t afford to slack off now, and failure is not an option. So how can leaders equip themselves and their teachers with the resilience they need to survive not just through this month, but also through the challenges that lie ahead as the seasons change and new variants emerge? In Developing Your Resilience, Dr Dan Hiltz describes the current state of burnout on the US workforce, and, more importantly, describes specific, proven actions that leaders can take today to grow the resilience of their teams. Illustrated with examples and supported by data, Leading a Resilient Team can help your team members develop a plan to insulate their operations from the negative effects of excess stress. Outcomes By the conclusion of the presentations, attendees will be able to : 
  • Define stress, burnout, and resilience
  • Name the chief causes of stress among educators
  • Describe the way to re-channel energy to increase resilience
  • List the steps that leaders and teachers can take immediately to reduce stress now and build resilience for the future
Presenter: Dan Hiltz
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