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Entrepreneurship - Growth and Fixed Mindsets
Description: This lesson unlocks Carol Dweck's research on Mindset's and orients high schools students to over come challenges by adopting an growth mindset.

Grade Level: High School


1. Students will define and differentiate between Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset.

2. Students will identify examples of Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset in real-life scenarios.

3. Students will reflect on their own mindset and develop strategies to cultivate a Growth Mindset.

4. Students will evaluate the benefits of adopting a Growth Mindset.

National Standards: Complies with NBEA Entrepreneurship 2023 Standard I.1 Examine the role entrepreneurs play in today’s economy and recognize the unique personal characteristics and skills that successful entrepreneurs possess.

- Whiteboard and markers
- Handouts with case studies
- Projector or screen for presentations
- Computers or tablets for online resources (optional)

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