Five Keys to Running a Profitable School Store
We focus on how to start and maintain a student-led entrepreneurial operation that provides goods to meet the needs of your school-based community. We detail how to create, manage, and operate a profitable hands-on school-based enterprise (SBE) while following national curriculum standards in marketing, finance, hospitality, or management. Discover the secrets to:

  • Create Student Systems
  • Adopt multiple touch points and payment systems to track and monitor sales and expenses
  • Select and buy the right products to price and sell
  • Market and promote to attract & retain customers
  • Create an organized space & enjoyable shopping experience for customers
  • Perfect for principals, teachers, or parent volunteers running a school store. Implement these keys and transform your school store into a money-making operation.

Catherine R. Lewis is an Adjunct Professor at Northern Virginia Community College and a high school teacher and Career & Technical Education(CTE) Department Chair at Alexandria City High School. She has taught a variety of business, math, and marketing courses in that time. Currently, she serves as a DECA advisor and co-lead of the school's DECA chapter. She also coordinates Alexandria City High School's School-Based Enterprise, the Titan School Store. Under Catherine's leadership, the Titan School Store transformed the retail experience for students by overhauling business practices, promotional strategies, and operational processes, resulting in a 76% boost in revenue.
Catherine holds a B.S. in Business Administration, an M.Ed. in Special Education from Southern University at New Orleans, and an MBA with a concentration in Finance. As the Department Chair, Catherine has spearheaded initiatives that have profoundly impacted students. Her leadership has transformed CTE classrooms through data and technology integration. She excels as an instructional leader, ensuring her department exemplifies project-based, equitable learning.
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