Lesson Plan: Marketing - The Power of Product in the Marketing Mix
Title: The Power of Product in the Marketing Mix
  1. Understand the role of the product in the marketing mix.
  2. Analyze how product decisions impact positioning and market strategy.
  3. Explore the interrelationships between the product and other elements of the marketing mix.
Age Level: Grades 11-12
National Standards: Complies with NBEA Marketing 2023 Achievement Standard IV.1.A Analyze the elements of the marketing mix, their interrelationships, how they are used in the marketing process, and their role in positioning; Products

●       whiteboard, markers
●       laptops or tablets, internet access
●       Product examples (physical or digital images)
●       Student handouts on product categorization and the product life cycle
●       Case studies highlighting successful product strategies (Provided)
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