The Journal of Research in Business Education - Volume 62, Number 1, 2022
The Journal of Research in Business Education:

- Publication Guidelines
- Council for Business Teaching and Research
- A Comparative Analysis of Accredited Business Education Programs Charles F. Malone, Cindi J. Khanlarian, Sherrie L. Drye, Lisa Gueldenzoph Snyder
- Student Perceptions of the First Accounting Course and Majoring in Accounting Hussein Issa, Alexander J. Sannella, Michael Cohen
- Creating an Effective Online Teaching Presence* Denise Roseland, Karla Saeger
- Stress, Self-efficacy, and Student Self-assessment in the Introductory Economics Classroom Paul W. Grimes
- An Investigation into the Effects of Covid-19 on Career and Technical Education Classrooms** Jonathan Walker, Randal Wilson, Charlene Atkins, Kemaly Parr
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