Turning the Tide Against Teen Betting with Financial Intelligence
This webinar, aimed at business educators, will delve into the increasing trend of sports betting among teens and young adults, comparing it to the long-term benefits of responsible financial decisions such as investing early and actively pursuing scholarships. Attendees will gain insights:
  • Identifying the psychological appeal of gambling versus long-term financial planning
  • Examining the impact of sports betting on students' financial health and academic performance.
  • Recognizing strategies to educate students about the real costs of gambling and the value of alternative financial decisions.
  • Integrating the Financial Intelligence Teacher (FIT) certification into your plans to empower students with the knowledge to make informed financial choices.
This 60 minute session will not only shed light on the pitfalls of sports betting as a debt reduction/income strategy but also highlight actionable steps educators can take to guide students towards more fruitful financial decisions, utilizing the Foundation for Economic Education’s FIT certification program as a cornerstone of financial literacy teacher education.

 Presenter: Joel Miller

Joel Miller, Ed.S., has been the Curriculum Development Manager at the Foundation for Economic Education since June 2022, leveraging over 14 years of public school teaching experience in AP Economics, History, and Personal Finance near Atlanta, GA. Renowned for his curriculum development skills, Joel has authored educational materials for various organizations, earning accolades such as the John Morton Excellence in the Teaching of Economics Award and being named Georgia Economics Teacher of the Year in 2020. At FEE, he has been instrumental in growing the Learning Center community and enhancing educator collaboration. His dedication to financial and economic education extends to his roles on numerous advisory boards and the National Association of Economic Educators’ professional development committee. 
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