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On-Demand Webinar
Five Keys to Running a Profitable School Store
Thursday, May 16, 2024 NBEA We focus on how to start and maintain a student-led entrepreneurial operation that provides goods to meet the needs of your school-based community.
On-Demand Webinar
YIPPEE Grant Delivery Platform
Wednesday, November 29, 2023 NBEA YIPPEE is a grant delivery platform that provides educators access to entrepreneurship education resources for free.
On-Demand Webinar
The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Engaging Activities to Help Students be a Problem-Solver
Friday, November 17, 2023 NBEA Participate in an exercise that provides a fun, experiential way for students to conceptualize customer behavior and identify business opportunities.
Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan: Understanding Growth and Fixed Mindsets 
Friday, October 20, 2023 NBEA This 50-minute high school-level lesson plan unlocks Carol Dweck's research on Mindset and orients high school students to over come challenges by adopting a growth mindset.
Lesson Plan
Information Technology: Providing Effective End User Support and Training in Entrepreneurship
Monday, July 10, 2023 NBEA Lesson plan about Information Technology: Providing Effective End User Support and Training in Entrepreneurship
On-Demand Webinar
Activating the Entrepreneurial Mindset of K-12 Students for Post-Secondary Success
Tuesday, May 30, 2023 NBEA Participants will gain a better understanding of the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset on both higher-ed and success in any post-secondary career field.
On-Demand Webinar
Bring the Gig Economy to Your Classroom Each Day
Tuesday, May 30, 2023 NBEA Learn how one teacher allows for "side gigs" to take place in class and pays students each week with an online paycheck.
On-Demand Webinar
Building an Entrepreneurship Program through Project-Based Learning
Tuesday, May 30, 2023 NBEA The Lancerships Program: Learn how the program has utilized grant opportunities with proceeds of the program contributing to community organizations and scholarships.
On-Demand Webinar
Virtual Enterprises in High School
Tuesday, May 23, 2023 NBEA Learning about Virtual Enterprises which empowers students to take on the roles of employees in a company, work in functional departments of the organization
Lesson Plan
Accounting: Understanding the Accounting Process and GAAP
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 NBEA A lesson plan about the conceptual framework of accounting, GAAP and its assumptions.
Lesson Plan
Entrepreneurship: Identifying Market and Business Opportunities through Developing a Value Proposition
Wednesday, May 3, 2023 NBEA A lesson plan about value proposition is and its importance to a business.
Lesson Plan
Entrepreneurship: Design Thinking and Innovation in Entrepreneurship
Tuesday, May 2, 2023 NBEA A lesson plan about identifying market and business opportunities.
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